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Those Sharing The Same Destiny

02.10.2013 11:11 - Misafir Köşesi
Those Sharing The Same Destiny

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A bomb attack which took an aim at the police around the monument of Atatürk existed at about 10:30,on a Sunday morning in Taksim, İstanbul. 32 people were wounded. The seventeen of them were civilian and the fifteen of them were police. The wounded people were took into the hospital. The existing of the attack at early hours on Sunday morning decreased the number of the wounded people and the probable loss of life. A terror organization undertook the operation. They explained this on their own website.

The people of İstanbul woke up with the news of explosion in Sunday Morning. News Agency announced the attack in this way. While everybody were continuing to their daily life,they were greatly weakened by this bomb that day. The 32 people shared the same destiny. All of them would pass near that area without warning about what will be. The seller of simit,the person who tries to be in time for work,the person who will meet with his friend,the shoes painter and so on.

At the time of the explosion, Zelal has cried by looking the truculent on the floor and she has accused herself by saying;" I wish I could prevent him from doing this." That day, at the time of the explosion,Osman stayed with his gun on his waist in the middle of the explosion. While he was escaping by killing and leaving Ramazan Aga in gaming table where there were many swearwords,he would go from Taksim to Tarlabaşı at just 10:30. As for Kemal, he set off from the hotel through his place of employment in Taksim, after having breakfast in the morning of an eventful day. When he arrived at Taksim,it was just 10:30.. As for Hüseyin coming from a different district of İstanbul,he was dreaming of going to Rhodes by taking passport from the consulship of Greece,for getting rid of a sixty eight-year-old longing. When he took his passport that day,he had looked it a few times such as dreaming. He was a passanger to Rhodes for the next week. He would get on the bus and go to his house. But at just 10:30,he was in Taksim like the others. Raiser of birds, Arif was sharing the same destiny with the others. When he let his darling escape,they kept in a cave. But the custom found and killed the girl when Arif wasn't there. Arif who escaped to Halep in later times turned back to his country and moved to İstanbul.

He began to sell pigeon bait desperately in Taksim because he couldn't find a job. He set up his shop near the statue as he always does that Sunday morning and he proceeded to his beloved that he lost many years ago at just 10:30. Sinan arrived at the police station in the area of Taksim after he returned from his vacation, and he sat into the police car by greeting his friends. While everything seemed as going well,he saw a man with an appearence of sufism dervish and a big bag on his back,coming near the car. When the man being supposed as drunk came near the car,he saw a cable going from the man's arm to his palm of hand and they came eyeball to eyeball. And it was just 10:30...

Reşit also came from Diyarbakır to İstanbul. While he was going on his life after he found a job as tea grower thanks to his friend Baki selling corn in Taksim,he gave the coupon of horse racing that he played it with big hopes, to the franchiser that day. Later,he dropped on his friend Baki in Taksim at 10:30… That day,Ece was writing a letter for the first time to her father being away from her. She leaved from the cafe in Beyoğlu with the thought of sending or not sending the letter that she mention all her troubles. She arrived at Taksim, the place where she would meet with her mother and it was just 10:30…

Celal ended up in the police station due to the annoyance. He has caused the family destroy by slandering the apartment residents complaining him. After the judge found him innocent and also he proved himself innocent,the police and he were going from Gümüşsuyu to Taksim for being set free. It was about 10:30.. The teacher Ziya also would live a different destiny that day. He came ignorantly for planting the tree that he was growing in his house,to the green grass of Taksim. So he finished his work that, it was 10:30...

Zelal saw Mr.Ziya who became a teacher in her village many years ago, behind the police stripes. Everything in her mind was in a chaos. She was looking around in a shocked way. She couldn't leave from her brother Savaş liying down on the floor,she couldn't go away. She got angry herself many times by thinking that she wished she could prevent him from doing this. She remembered the days when they escaped from the school together. Their getting acquainted with the teacher Ziya and their mother's efforts for their reading and coming a good statue increased her not stopping tears.

Hasan Cüneyt Bozkurt
Pupa Press
April, 2012
118 Page

Translator: Seçil Çinçik

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